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Diamond Ganpati on display in Surat

diamond ganeshaIt’s the only Bappa (Ganesha) in the Diamond City for whom devotees have to take a prior appointment for darshan. Even the location of this Ganesha idol is a top secret because it is a natural rough diamond in the shape of Ganesha which is valued in crores.

Owned by Kanubhai Asodaria, chairman of Karam Group of Mahidarpura, the 182.53 carat rough diamond was mined somewhere in Africa.

The yellowish grey diamond is approximately 48 mm high, 32 mm wide and 20mm thick. It weighs 36.50 grams.

Devotees seeking its darshan have to call up Kanubhai’s office and are given the time and date while the venue is disclosed at the last moment.

Kanubhai told TOI, “It is a priceless blessing in the form of diamond showered on us by Lord Ganesha himself. The darshan can be had only during Ganesha puja days. Only one natural diamond Ganesha exists in this world. I keep it in the safe vault throughout the year at an undisclosed location.” Kanubhai found this diamond 12 years ago when he had gone to Antwerp to purchase rough diamonds.


Ganesha and Miracle of 1995

milk drinkin ganeshaAs I mentioned in my previous blog Krishna and Ganesh connection on the occasion of upcoming Ganesh (Vinayaka) Chturthi on September 8/9, I intend to write several blogs on my Ishta Dev Lord Ganesha. This is the second blog of the series.

Many believe that Ganesha’s popularity skyrocketed on September 21, 1995, when milk offered to a statue of Ganesha in a temple on the outskirts of New Delhi, just disappeared into thin air. Within hours, news spread like a bushfire across India and the world that Ganesha was accepting milk offerings. Tens of millions of people of all ages flocked to the temples.  This “milk miracle” may go down in history as the most important event regarding idol-worship this century, if not in the last millennium. It had brought about an instantaneous religious revival among nearly one billion people who believe in Idol worshiping. No other religion had ever done that before.

The worldwide press coverage was nearly as amazing as the miracle itself. Of course, the event dominated the news in India for days. But once it started outside India, local and leading national papers, such as the New York Times and Washington Post in America, and the Financial Times in UK, picked up the story. The Manchester Guardian noted, “The media coverage was extensive, and although scientists and “experts” created theories of “capillary absorption” and “mass hysteria” the overwhelming evidence and conclusion was that an unexplainable miracle had occurred… While the media and scientists still struggle to find an explanation for these events, many believe they are a sign that a great teacher has been born.”

Many in India were unaware of how warmly the Western press including the press in Canada where I live,  embraced the miracle. In Canada reporters came to the temples and personally offered milk.


Mumbai Diamantaire Finds Ganesha Shaped Gem

A Mumbai-based Muslim diamond merchant found a uniquely shaped rough diamond baring a resemblance to the shape of Lord Ganesha – the Hindu Elephant-Deity which is a symbol of success.
Rafique Bilakhaiya, 38, buys rough, uncut diamonds from the local diamond markets in Mumbai and sells these to diamond vendors in the city and abroad.
“I have never come across such a unique and auspicious diamond in my career in this industry,” he told Manorama Online. “The fact that Lord Ganesha has come to me unsought is the best omen. I feel I am truly blessed by the Vignaharta (the remover of obstacles) – especially with the 10-day Ganapathi festival starting next month.
“I am a Muslim, but have grown up in Maharashtra and hence know that Lord Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles and he grants boon to all His devotees. I don’t want to give Him away,” he added.
Bilakhaiya pointed out that he has neither polished nor cut the precious diamond, but has directly set it onto a gold pendant of 10 grams.
Bilakhaiya says he bought the diamond, weighing 6.41 carat, from the local diamond market of Mumbai last month, but did not see its unique shape foe several days. “I am relieved I did not polish it… If I cut it or polish it, the diamond will lose its divine shape and so will the Lord Ganesha be gone forever,” he said.
Bilakhaiya added that once word of the prized diamond spread, his office has become a veritable pilgrimage centre, with hundreds clamoring to see the uncut diamond.

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