Bhopalites will be able to have a ‘darshan’ of the famous and much-revered ‘Lalbaug Raja Ganesh’ of Mumbai in at least two places in the city during the ‘Ganesh Utsav’, which begins on August 29.

Talking to ‘Free Press’, Secretary of the ‘New Market Vyapari Sangh, Ganesh Utsav Samiti’ Nanak Singh Dua said “We have decided to install a replica of the idol of Lalbaug Raja Ganesh’ this time.     The Pandal will be based on the theme of the popular Kankeswar temple of Kolkata. The decoration of the Pandal will also be a major attraction for the visitors”.

He added that “The eco-friendly idol is being prepared using the soil of Bhopal by artists from Kolkata. The idol will be 9-foot high and would weigh 600 kgs. Thirty-fiveworkers from Kolkata are making the Pandal. We have bought four truck-loads of Assam bamboo for the Pandal. Besides, cotton cloth and jute items are being used”.

“We have been organising Ganesh puja for the last 18 years. Last year, we made a tableau based on the theme of the Uttarakhand tragedy. The Pandal and idol will together cost us Rs 7.5 lakh. The cost of the idol alone is Rs one lakh. Last year, our total expenditure was Rs six lakh”, said Dua.

But New Market is not the only place where the famous Ganesh idol of Mumbai would be replicated.

“For the first time, we are installing an idol of Lord Ganesh based on the pattern of Lalbaug Raja Ganesh’ of Mumbai but its name would be ‘Kolar Ke Huzur’ because this area comes under the Huzur constituency The idol is being made in Bhopal by artists from Kolkata”, said Abhishek Saini, President of ‘Kolar Haat Vayapari SanghGanesh Utsav Samiti’.

“Besides the idol, decoration and lighting will also be a major attraction. The height of the Pandal will be 30 feet.

Dinesh Agrawal ‘Dada Bhai; former, President of ‘Bhopal Hindu Maha Utsav Samiti’ said, “Dol Gyaras Utsav Samiti has been installing the idol of Lord Ganesh for the past many years at Peepal Chowk in the old city. It is the first place in Bhopal where the idol of Lord Ganesh was installed. Therefore, it is also known as ‘Bhopal Ke Pratham Shri Ganesh Raja’. The idol and Pandal are the same every year.”

“Chhapan Bhog is offered to lord Ganesh. Ladoos (sweets) are used for Havan”, he added.