salman6While there were rumours that Salman Khan would be giving Ganesh Chaturthi a miss this year, the Kick star has made sure that he and his family celebrate Ganpati even in his absence

Salman Khan might have skipped the Ganpati festival this year, but his sisters Alvira and Arpita have made sure that they stayed up to the reputation of their Ganpati decoration and have gone all out in making sure they put up a great show!

Bollywood stars were seen heading to Galaxy, Bandra the residence of Salman to get a quick darshan of Lord Ganesha who sits at his house for a day and a half. Last year the venue was shifted to his sister Alvira’s building due to on going renovation work in his house.

It is customary to take the darshan of his Ganpati and get some yummy Prasad that the family distributes. Ladoos and pedas from the best mithaiwala in town are sourced and all devotees go back home with a box in hand! Apart from that there are also other yummy delicacies and food stuff like chaat that is provided to keep the guests entertained during their stay.

We shall give you a first hand report of all the stars who visited Salman’s Ganpati and those who skipped it !