Indore: The premises of Khajrana temple would be extended by three times of its present area while a plan has been prepared for various development works on this increased area. Khajrana Ganesh temple administrator and MPAKVN Indore MD Manish Singh said at present the area of the temple is 4- acre.

When the officials recently observed the Government records, they noticed that there is another land nearby registered for Shri Ram temple. When the tehsil office measured the dimensions of this land, it was found to be of 9 acres.

After the inclusion of this land with, the total area of the Ganesh temple would be 13 acre. Apart from this, a nearby slum and encroached land would also be cleared of encroachers after measurement, thus 2 acre more would be available for the temple. Finally, the temple would have 15 acres of land for its premises. The boundary- wall construction task is going on at present.

/ Change to be noticeable by Ganesh Chaturthi The ongoing change would be noticeable to visitors of Ganesh temple during the 10- day Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. Broken tiles are being replaced with new ones from the main gate to the main temple. Also, wells around the temple are being enclosed with grills, so that nobody can throw litter in it.

/ 5 kg silver received Devotees are contacting officers for contributing to the development of Ganesh Mandir. On Tuesday, 5 kg silver was received as offering to Lord Ganesha from an unknown donor. This silver is being added to the idol of Ganesha. The rear portion was filled with silver, on Tuesday, while front portion was in process. Also, two mice have been made with silver on the sides of the presiding deity.

Fountain approved

Corporator Sunil Patidar has arranged a fountain for the temple while talks are in process for the gate with a company. Sanitation work has been outsourced at Rs 1 lakh per month. The contractor would be penalised if litter is found in the temple. Dustbins are being placed while shopkeepers are also being asked to keep separate dustbins.

Money counting for 3 days

Donation boxes at Khajrana temple were scheduled to be opened on Thursday. The counting process would continue for three days and then the money would be deposited in the State Bank of India. More donation boxes are being placed inside the temple premises. The admn expects more visitors during Ganesh Chaturthi festival that begins on September 9. High- masts have been installed at the temple while old electric fitting has been replaced.