In Hinduism, every deity has His/Her favourite flower. Flowers have a very crucial role to play in the Hindu way of worship. It is said that if you worship the deity by offering His/Her favourite flower, all your wishes will be fulfilled. Offering of flowers to a deity is more than just a ritual. In Hinduism, it is believed that there are some subtle frequencies of deities present in the atmosphere. These frequencies are attracted towards the colour of certain specific flowers. When these deities are offered their favourite flowers or leaves, these frequencies are then emitted back into the atmosphere.

This helps in creating positive energy in the place. This positive energy drives a human being to fulfill his goals in life. It is believed that Lord Ganesha is attracted towards the red coloured hibiscus flower. Similarly there are some other flowers and leaves too which emit the positive energy of the Lord Ganesha into the atmosphere leading to removal of all obstacles and fulfilling all desires of a person. Here are some favourite flowers and leaves of Lord Ganesha:

Red Hibiscus
Durva Grass

Red Hibiscus Usually any red flower can be offered to Lord Ganesha. However He is particularly fond of the red hibiscus flower.

Durva Grass Also known as ‘doob’ in various parts of India, durva grass is a favourite of Lord Ganesha. His puja is not deemed to be complete without offering durva grass.


Milkweed Flower Another favourite flower of Lord Ganesha is the Milkweed flower. This flower is also known as Arka in Hindi and Erukkum Poo in South India.

Pomegranate Leaves In some parts of India, Lord Ganesha is also offered pomegranate leaves and flowers

Pomegranate Leaf
Pomegranate Leaf

during worship.


Tulsi leaves are considered very sacred in Hinduism. In regular puja of Lord Ganesha, tulsi is not used much. However it is the most important leaf used in the rituals of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Conch Flower
Conch Flower

The conch flower or the sankh pushpam is yet another favourite flower of Lord Ganesha. This flower is usually white or blue in colour and is shaped like a conch.


Screw pine is known as Ketaki in Hindi. Leaves and flowers of the screw pine are also offered to Lord Ganesha.