CUTTACK: This Ganesh puja, people will get to see a replica of Lalbaughcha Raja, a popular public Ganesha idol of Mumbai, here.

Binapani club, a puja mandap at Chauliaganj, has decided to install the replica to outdo other puja committees in the city.

The replica is 35 feet high and the club members have claimed that it will be the tallest idol the city has ever witnessed. Experienced artisans of Kumbhar Sahi have been entrusted with the task of sculpting the idol at a whopping cost of Rs 3 lakh. A group of eight artisans and eight labourers under the leadership of chief artisan Rajendra Muduli are busy giving shape to the huge idol. Besides the expenses on the idol, the club will be spending another Rs 3 lakh on decoration and rituals.

“For the last 20 years, we have been celebrating Ganesh puja in a lavish manner by preparing different varieties of idols. Lalbaug‘s Ganesh is famous worldwide hence we decided to prepare a replica of the idol so that people, who cannot go to Mumbai, can have the opportunity of seeing it here,” said member of the club, Biswaranjan Choudhary. “The work on the idol started a month ago and now we are busy giving finishing touches. The idol is being prepared, keeping in mind the minute details of Mumbai idol,” said Sukant, an artisan involved in the making of the idol.

Over two truckloads of clay are being used in preparing the idol. “We faced a lot of problem in collecting such a huge amount of clay as there is acute shortage of clay in the city. After much effort, we managed to procure clay from Kantapada near Athagarh,” added Choudhary. A Puri-based artisan is preparing medha (backdrop). Similarly, clothes and jewellery to adorn lord are being prepared by a renowned artist of Cuttack.