An art teacher from Sangamner, Anil Kamble, has claimed that he has created the world’s smallestĀ Ganesh idol. The idol is smaller than a mustard seed, approximately .68 mm in size, measured with the help of a micro meter screw gauge and a travelling microscope.

Kamble, who was recently in Pune and has done his Applied Arts and procured an arts ‘teachers’ diploma from theĀ Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, said, “The weight of the idol is 0.022 miligrams. I have not used any magnifying glass or lens while creating this idol and all body parts, including the idol’s left hand and the ‘modak’, are clearly demarcated,” he said, adding that the idol has been made using the glue M-Seal.

The idol has to be viewed with a magnifying glass. The tiny idol will be auctioned in Mumbai during this year’s Ganesh festival.

“25% of the proceeds will go an organisation working against female foeticide, while another 25% will go to the Sangram Mukbadhir Vidyalaya and Niwasi Matimand Vidyalaya in Saykhindi,” he said.