Serpentine queues of devotees were seen in front of Ganesh temples in the city on Ganesh Chaturthi on Wednesday. Latasil Ganesh temple saw a large crowd with devotees appeasing the lord of prosperity with flowers and other offerings.

Amit Das, a city-based banker, said, “I am praying for a number of things, like lowering of prices of essential commodities, saving people from corrupt leaders and violence and blasts. After Ganesh Chaturthi, there will be Navratri and Durga Puja and so I hope no unwanted incident takes place then. The festive times have just started rolling and everyone should be happy.”

Purnima Gohain, a housewife said, “Forget about vegetables and other essentials, there’s a ceiling on the number of cylinders, too. Only god can take care of us in these hard times.”

R Das, a temple puja committee member, said, “Every year on Ganesh Chaturthi, hundreds of people come here. Naam, kirtan, puja and aarti are performed the whole day.”

Flower sellers had a field day selling a variety of sprigs for the rituals. Jitu Mazumder, a flower seller, said, “People are asking for red flowers and vermillion, which are essential for puja and sales are good. This is the beginning of the festive season and I hope my business fares well by the grace of god.”