In the Thane district, Titwala is the place wherein you can find two important sacred places like Titwala ganesh Mandir and Mahaganesha Temple. Devotees from Mumbai come over Titwala to visit this temple mostly during the Sankasthis, Maghi Chaturthi and Ganesh Chaturthis. These temple dates back from the 11th Century bearing the architecture style of Hemadpanti. By appeasing the Ganesh Idol by the sage Kanva, King Dushyant and Devi Shakuntala got a chance of coming together after a long time of disagreement. Here was it when that tie knots with each other.

Titwala Ganesh Mandir is very significant place where the devotees visit having a faith in their mind to fulfill their wishes by offering prayers to Lord Ganesha. Over the entire year this temple is thronged in by visitors as getting here is also very easy, the pilgrims can also reach here through Titwala station which is one of the station in central railway, but you can also conveniently reach the temple through Kalyan station. If you wish to drive to Titwala then too it’s not hard though you can do it from Kalyan, Thane and Mumbai.

Once to reach the temple you can feel the serenity in the air you can here feel that the Ganesh idol is talking to you, the spark in the eyes of the idol and the charm will make you feel has if a true person is ahead you leaning to talk to you. There is arti being held four times in a day which is worth attending.

Every temple and the place as some or other legend attached to it so same is the case with the local people here say that the construction of the Titwala Ganesh Mandir was done by Shakuntala Devi who was the daughter of Apsara Menaka and Vishwamitra Sage, she built this temple to get rid away of the curse due to her short tempered attitude.  After taking darshan from the temple you can have a look at the Kalu River ahead of the temple.


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  2. i am lives in thane in last five years in titwala near ganesh mandir i like the enviorment in this area it is really very awesome.