Hundreds of Lucknow-based devotees have written a letter to Lord Ganesha to seek fulfilment of their wishes during the ongoing Ganesh Utsav festival.

There was a beeline of devotees standing in a queue to pay obeisance before the deity and to offer their letter of wish-list. Devotees believe that Lord Ganesha would fulfill their wishes.

“We have written this letter thinking that, at present times as we have wishes and we face difficulties in our life, and he is our leading deity, whom we worship on all auspicious occasions, so we are hopeful that our wishes will be fulfilled,” said Neelam, a devotee.

The festival is celebrated with enthusiasm and fervour across India, but the uniqueness of celebration in this city is that people irrespective of their caste, age, and sex come out and pray to the holy almighty and seek his blessings.

Organisers of Ganesha Utsav believe that Lord Ganesha fulfils everyone’s wishes if they write their wishes on the letter and offer it to the deity during this festive season.

“The wish list that is kept here and all those devotees who write their wishes in it and offer it in our temple, we believe that it is surely fulfilled by the deity,” said Satish Aggarwal, organiser.

The annual celebration falls between the months of August and September.

It marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha as numerous rituals are performed while a colourful statue of the portly Hindu god marks the event.

This year the ten-day long festival began on September 01.

This festival is celebrated in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra, where hundreds of thousands of Ganesha idols are worshipped during the festival and later immersed in free flowing water. (ANI)