By: Chetna Yerunkar 

Charni Rd-based Thanawala family, in the 25th year of its theme-based Ganesha celebrations, chooses Anna Hazare-led Lokpal bill movement as this year’s imagery

One of the top trending topics of the year, and not just in the Twittersphere, has been the Jan Lokpal Bill agitation led by Anna Hazare.
And the theme shall dominate the Ganpati celebrations of Thanawala family for a day and a half.

The family of 45 stays in one building at Charni Road, known as Thanawala building, and installs a Ganesh idol every year in the vicinity, with a particular motif reflecting the current happenings in the country. 

They have been famous for their theme-based decorations for 24 years now, and on the silver jubilee of their festivities, what better than the second freedom struggle of the nation to commemorate it.

The family is in the printing business and has been known to involve itself in various social causes. The idol is made up of clay, as it is every year, so as to be eco-friendly. 

The Thanawalas believe in not causing any harm to the environment with material things. 

The idol of Ganpati would wear a Gandhi cap, and there would be two mice (mouse being Bappa’s mode of transport) in front of it, both wearing a Gandhi cap.

Umesh, a member of the Thanawala family, said, “We have been doing this for 25 years now. Our main motive is to educate visitors who come to worship here, and keep them informed of the current happenings in the world.
This year, we would place a copy of the Lokpal Bill in front of Ganpati’s idol for one-and-a-half day. The Lord’s two mice would be praying to him, like humans, so that the bill is passed without obstacles.”

Added Upendra Thanawala, “The background would be a Tricolour with Gandhi topis. 

We would also have a computer and a TV screen next to the idol so visitors can read salient points of the bill, which they may not be aware of.”