While most Ganpati mandals in the city have taken up themes promoting a social message, the Mahadevachi Wadi Ganesh Mandal in Parel has an unique theme this year. The mandal’s theme is based on the inclusion of housewives in the category of non-productive citizens alongside beggars, prostitutes and criminals in the recently conducted census.  

The mandal has prepared an eight-minute audio-visual light show, which has been created using cardboard and plywood cutouts of famous women like President Pratibha Patil and ace-shooter Tejaswini Sawant, along with women running small businesses and those working in the fields. A script written by Arvind Padyal, who is the brain behind the theme, accompanies the show.

“It is sad that women in our society are not given much respect and the ones who are have to perform well in respected professions. Housewives and women who do small businesses are also running their homes,” said 50-year-old Padyal, who has been behind the mandal’s themes for the past nine years. 

The mandal, which boasts the distinction of being founded before independence, is celebrating its 65th year. “All the work here is done by our boys from the locality. Some are  architects, some are engineers, but all of them come together during this time of the year,” said Deepak Salvi, one of the organising members of the mandal, which recycles most of the material they use to design the theme.

 With this year’s theme getting a favourable response, the mandal is expecting another award. “Bringing about a change in the status of women even in our vicinity will be quite an award,” said Padyal.

Source: Hindustan Times