Traditional bells have given way to mobile phone rings in this hi-tech world at the ancient Chintaman Ganesh temple here.

Here Lord Ganesh, though not in flesh and blood is taking the phone calls of his devotees from across the world.

When any devotee expresses his/her desire to convey wishes to the ‘Chintaman Ganesh’, the priest of the temple takes his cell phone instrument close to the ears of the elephant-headed God.

The temple receive more than 400 calls daily from devotees across the world to get their wishes fulfilled during the Ganesh festival, the temple priest Ashok Pathak told PTI today.

“You get mobile phones of Chintaman Ganesh Temple Trust engaged on the occasion of 10-day long Ganeshotsav,” he said.

The number of those devotees is much higher who pray to the deity for fulfillment of their desires for getting jobs and marriages, Pathak added.

“Now the temple trust is planning to purchase a mobile set featuring 3G facility so that the devotees can also see the Lord Ganesh on their screen,” the priest said.

The unique practise of listening to the wishes of devotees by Lord Chintaman Ganesh began in this 12 century old Parmar Temple when an Indore-based devotee settled in Germany and rang over the temple cellphone and requested for sending his message to God by it, Pathak said.

“The devotees were sending letters to the deity for the last 35 years for accomplishment of their wishes but in this hi-tech era, they have started ringing the Lord Ganesh to fulfill their desires since last five years,” he said.

The priest added that these days mobile is ringing more than the bells put up in the Chintaman Ganesh Temple.

Source: Outlook

History of the Temple

Chintaman Ganesh Temple is an antediluvian shrine that dates back to 11th -12th centuries. This ancient temple is highly revered and one of the most visited shrines of Ujjaini in Madhya Pradesh. It is believed that the temple was built during the reign of Paramaras in Madhya Pradesh (Malwa). Chintamani Ganesha Mandir is wholly made out in stone. The very appearance of the temple suggests that it belongs to prehistoric times. Still, the temple has not lost its charm; in fact, it has become unique with its ancient origin.

About the Temple

The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, who is regarded as the Lord of beginnings as per the Hindu beliefs. In the traditional times, the Lord is known as ‘Chintaharan’, which literally means remover of all worries and tensions. The temple is thronged by crowds of people that come to do away with all their worries at the shrine of the Lord.

Inside the temple, the ‘Garbhgriha’ comprises the image of Lord Ganesha. The main point is that this idol is supposed to be ‘swayambhu’ (self-manifested), unlike other idols. The site is adored by the two wives of Lord Ganesha, Riddhi and Siddhi that are placed on the either side of the Lord. The temple also embraces the idol of Lord Vishnu in its vicinity. Here, Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu are worshipped together with great devotion.

Chintaman Ganesh Temple boasts of its artistically carved pillars that are placed in the assembly hall. The age-old sanctity of the temple is preserved till date. The belief of the devotees for this shrine makes it all the more sanctified. People visit this temple, in large numbers, to get the graceful blessings of Lord Ganesha.


Chintamani is a magical stone told in mythology. It fulfills our wishes immediately. As Lord Ganesh in this temple is just like the stone Chintamani, granting their wishes when asked with devotion.  Hence devotees call him with the name – Chintamani Ganesh / Chintaman Ganesh. He is also called as Chinta haran Ganesh as he removes all the Chintas (sorrows) of the devotees.  People around Ujjaini will give first invitation of their marriage to this Ganesh. It is believed that he will remove all the obstacles in marriage and bless the couple. New vehicles are taken to this temple, so that no accidents will occur while riding on them.

How to reach this place?

One can easily reach Chintamani Temple from anywhere in Madhya Pradesh by hiring private taxis. However, one can take regular buses that are available from Indore and Bhopal.  Chintamani Ganesh temple is located on Ujjaini-Fatehbad Railway line. It is in the South-west corner of city Ujjaini.


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