Azad Nagar Sarvajanik Utsav Samitee has been organising Ganesh Utsav for 44 years.

We have always tried to represent true tradition and customs of our Ganesh Utsav. We only play traditional religious songs and bhajan and mantra chanting in Marathi and Hindi.

We are totally against Bollywood or English songs during celebration. Moreover, we are also careful about timing and the deadline about the loudspeakers. We stop the music after 10 pm as we respect the rules and regulations and the need for silence in the community. We are open to suggestions from people regarding the songs to be played during the festivals.

Till date, we haven’t been requested to play any non religious songs. So, it is very clear people do not want such non religious songs.

We have always tried our best to provide a sacred ambiance through bhajans or mantra chanting apart from pooja and decoration. We have always come up with a theme which represents our tradition and sacred destination of our Indian culture.

This year, our mandal will create a replica of the ancient Somnath temple located at western border of Gujarat. Besides these celebrations, the samitee’s constant endeavour is to spread hope, well-being and happiness for all. We do this by patronising various social and cultural organisations and undertaking charitable activities from time-to-time.

Uday Salian, spokesperson, Andhericha Raja, Azad Nagar Sarvajanik Utsav Samitee

Source: DNA