Lord Lalbaugcha Raja

As the entire Maharashtra has been set to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaturthi Festival from Saturday, the famous Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal has made special arrangements for the devotees.

This year devotees will offer prayers to City’s famous Lord Ganesha’s idol in air condition facilities.

Lalbaugcha Raja is Mumbai’s famous Ganesha idol and large number of crowd turns out for darshan (Worship) during the 10-day long Ganesh Mahotsav. It is expected that around six lakh people will visit the Lalbaugcha Raja idol each day.

According to the sources, a devotee will have to wait 10 hrs to reach the idol. The queue is expected to eight-km long from the pandal.

The Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal is famous for its innovative idea every year.

The Madal has prepared a massive float for Lalbaugcha Raja’s immersion ceremony. The massive float will help the immersion of Lalbaugcha Raja in deep sea.

On the other hand, thick security arrangements have been made in the wake of possible terror threat. The Mumbai Police has deployed around 1500 policemen while the Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal has its own 5000 guards.

Source: Sahara Samay


  1. I have send this message to Lalbaugcharaja website as follows.

    Dear Sir, I came yesterday for Mannat Line with my friends. It took 17 hours in line for darshan. I was taken Mannat that I will not seat & sleep in Line. There was too heat & suffocation in line cause air conditions were not working properly & air circulation was not there cause it was packed for air conditions. And even many fans were not working. I came last year also but there was no problem of heat last year. We seen, that management was very poor. Further when we reached for darshan we seen that many direct entries for foot darshan were allowed from front, back & even exit side. So 25% entries were given from Mannat Line & 75% entries were given from direct (VIP) lines. I understand that you have to give direct entries to many departments & reference peoples. But there should be proportionate ratio for that. You can decrease entries of the number of people from direct & increase the number of people from mannat line. Actually people from Mannat lines are actual god man cause they have big faith(shraddha) in god. And Lalbaug cha raja is famous for this people only. So injustice & giving more stress to them is against the law of god ganesha. I am coming to take darshan by walk from Mulund. When I reach there I feel very tired but I cant take direct darshan cause I don’t have any reference over there. But people who are not coming by walk but coming in their car are getting direct darshan cause they have references. I know you might be getting many messages & complaints from persons like me. But think on this & provide me satisfactory reply for the same. I know your trust is doing many social welfares & I appreciated that. Thank you for reading me.

    • I totally understand what you must have gone through Manish, and by bringing this up to the organizers and if they happen to pay head this, then probably things might improve and devotees like you and me will not have to go through what you and your family must have went through. On the other hand, look at this as your ‘Tapsaysa’ to invoke Lord Ganesha to fulfill your mannat. Our Lord is very loving and kind he will never ignore your petitions and will surely bless you. May lord be with you. Jai Ganesh

  2. I have a question,as i do not live in india,is there any way i can contact lalbaughcha raja mandal via email? I have made a mannat that if something i have requested to bappa will be granted,then i will come for bappa’s darshan,i need to send my prayer request to bappa,how do i do that? If u can pls provide some email addrss or contct info,it would be very helpful.many thanks.

    • Dear Jivan,

      I try to visit Lalbaugcha Raja, but only get through if I am lucky. If I do go this year, then i will pray on your behalf. Let me know, if you wish what needs to be conveyed. Actually bappa is within us, he will listen even if you tell him within your heart. But I will be happy to help if I can.

  3. Thank u so much sir,actually my wife is in her last days of pregnancy and the delievery can happen any moment now,so wanted to convey a sincere prayer request to Bappa,if our request is accepted and granted by Bappa,we will come for his darshan.Since you have already had Bappa’s divine darshan before,kindly please do pray for us also that everything goes well and our prayer request is accepted by Bappa and he showers his divine miracle on us also.many thanks for your help and co-operation.God bless you.

  4. Is there seperate line for cancer patient??? actually i am suffering from Cancer and want to take Darshan of Lalbaugcha Raja but i will not be able to stand in the line for much time. can you help or advice me in this regards?

    Deepak Panchariya