Following the last year’s roaring success of silver jubilee celebrations of Ganesh festival in Muscat, which was observed for five days, this year also Shree Ganesh Festival Committee, Muscat (ex-Tulu Koota) is gearing up for the 26th year of celebrations at the Shiva Temple Hall Muscat.  Preparations are on hand so as to make it a grand success.

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most popular of Hindu festivals and it is observed throughout India as well as by the devoted Hindus in all parts of the world.  The spectacular festival honors the birth of the beloved Hindu elephant headed god, Lord Ganesha, popularly worshiped for his ability to remove obstacles and bring good fortunes.

This year Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturthi will fall on Saturday, 11th September 2010. Hence, the festivities will begin on 11th September starting with the pranapratishta pooja and will conclude on 13th night with the emersion rituals.



As in the past, hundreds of volunteers from Tuluva / Kannada community from Karnataka are expected to gather on the previous day itself to decorate the temple hall with utmost devotion.  In order to give a festive look, starting with the hall entrance the entire hall is neatly decorated in a traditional way with plantain leaf stems, mango leaves and fresh flowers such as marigold, rose, shavantige, jasmine, and such other fresh flower garlands. It is noteworthy and commendable that each year fresh flowers weighing more than 250 kilos are flown in from Bangalore, Kerala, Mangalore and Mumbai. It is going to be rare occasion for the devotees to witness the fresh flower decoration in such grandeur.

Throughout the three days festivities, various rituals like Pranaprathistapana, Panchamrita Abhisheka, Gana Homa, Arathi, Maha Pooja, 108 coconuts offering, Ranga Pooja etc. are performed with great piety. On all the three days the temple hall is going to reverberate with Vedic Chants, Ganapathi Sahasranama Smarane, melodious devotional songs / bhajans, Veena recitals, devotional dances like Odissi, ballets, bharatanatyam etc., Devotees are going to witness a feast of cultural/devotional extravaganza.  As many as 24 groups are going to perform in praise of Lord Ganesha on the said three days.  Thousands of devotees are expected to throng the temple hall to attend the three day festivities with great fervour.

Due to the unstinted and selfless efforts put in by the members of Shree Ganesh Festival Committee with a feeling of fraternity, Muscat devotees have been fortunate to have the opportunity to celebrate Ganesh festivals for all these years and the efforts are going on with one voice “GANAPATHI BAPPA MORYA”.
Shree Ganesh Festival Committee, Muscat is comprising of Shri Pitambar B.Alke, Shri S. K. Poojary, Shri Koni Prakash Naik, Shri Ramanand Kunder, Shri Ramesh Shettigar, Shri Shashidhar Shetty, Shri Umesh Karkera, Shri Nagesh Shetty, Shri Karunakar Rao, Shri Ashok Kotian, Shri Ravi Kanchan and the recently co-opted members, viz. Shri Gurudas Pejathaya, Shri Shreenivas Shriyan, Shri Dr. Anchan C.K. and Shri Kashinath N. Anchan.