MUMBAI: Central Railway (CR) will run 76 Ganpati special trains this September to the Konkan belt as compared to the 68 last year. Of the total lot which will ply between September 7 and 25, 38 will run every day between CST and Madgaon, 22 between CST and Karwar while 16 unreserved trains will run between CST and Madgaon.

Passengers can book their tickets three days in advance for an unreserved train which travels more than 200 kms. For a lesser distance, the booking would be opened the same day. The trains in the reverse direction (from Madgaon to CST) will run between September 8 and 26. Reservations open on July 20.

These trains will be in addition to the six daily trains from the city to the Konkan belt.

The 0105 CST-Madgaon daily will leave CST at 11:55 pm and reach the next day at 2.10 pm. The unreserved CST-Madgaon would do eight trips between September 7 and 24, leaving CST at 00:25 am and reaching at 3:10 pm. The CST-Karwar would undertake 11 trips between September 7 and 25 and leave CST at 10:15 pm and reach at the next morning at 10.

CR officials said that they target a revenue of Rs 1.5 crores as compared to the Rs 1.15 crores they raked in last year. Around 75,000 passengers’ benefited from these extra services and this year, more than 95,000 passengers are expected to be using the services.

Every year, however, the demand exceeds the availability and passengers find it difficult to get tickets. Last year, the average waiting list between September 20 and 23 was 50 for 2 AC, 100 for 3 AC, and 300 for sleeper class.

Meanwhile, Western Railway (WR) will also run a few services in the Ganpati time from Mumbai and Ahmedabad. However, plans are yet to be finalised and will be released in a week’s time.

Source: Times of India