Brahma Srushtyadisakta Sthirmatirahittam Pidito Vighnasandhe |
Aakranto Bhutirakta Krutiganrajasa Jeevita Tyaktu Mischina ||
Swatmanan Sarvyakta Ganapatimamal Satyachintamaniyam |
Mukta Cha Stapayant Shtirmatisukhadam Sthavare Dhudhi Midhe ||


The one who is in search of happiness, whose mind is wavering like God Brahma, who is in the middle of all calamities should go to Sthavar means Theur & worship Shree Chintamani & get rid of all Chintas(worries).God Brahma meditated here to subdue his wavering mind. Theur is the nearest place of Ashtavinayak from Pune.  


King Abhjit & queen Gunavati did penance for several years on advice of sage Vaishampayan & got a son named as Gana. Gana popularly called as Ganaraja.    

Ganaraja was as furious as he was brave & valorious. Once after his hunting expedition he came to Kapila Rishi’s Ashram for taking rest. Sage Kapila welcomed Ganaraja & invited for lunch along with his sena(army).    

King of gods Indra had given sage Kapila a jewel called Chintamani. With its help the sage fed the entire army with good food. Being impressed by the power of the jewel, greedy Ganaraja asked sage Kapila to give the jewel to him. When sage Kapila refused to give the jewel, Ganaraja took away from him by force.    

Sage Kaplia was disappointed. Goddess Durga advice Kapila to worship Lord Ganesha & in boom asked for the Chintamani. A fierced battle between Lord Ganesha & Ganaraja took place. At the end Lord Ganesha killed Ganaraja.    

King Abhjit returned the Chintamani to sage Kapila. Sage Kapila worshipped Lord Ganesha. From that time Lord Ganesha was also called as Chintamani-Vinayaka. This village is also called as Kadamba Tirtha because the battle between Lord Ganesha & Ganaraja took place near Kadamba tree.    

Another story:    

King of gods Indra was attracted towards Sage Gautam’s beautful wife Ahilya. Once the sage was out for bath, God Indra in disguise of sage Gautam had pleasure with Ahilya. On returning to hermitage, sage Gautam by his inner power realised the fact. Seething with rage sage Gautam cursed God Indra. Because of the curse God Indra had thousands of holes in his body. God Indra pleaded for mercy. Sage Gautam asked him to worship Lord Ganesha to get rid of the curse. God Indra performed penance in Kadambnagar & got released from the curse. The lake in which God Indra had bath, is called as Chintamani sarovar.    


The main archway of the temple faces North. Madhavarao Peshava had built a concrete road from main gate up to Mula-Mutha river. Temple hall is made up of wood & there is a small fountain made up of black stone in the hall. The courtyard of the temple is big paved with floor. There is small temple of God Shiva in the courtyard of the temple. A big bell can be seen outside the main temple.    

The temple was built by Dharanidhar Maharaj Dev from the family of Moraya Gosavi. One hundred years later Madhavarao Peshava built a hall for this temple. Haripant Phadake & other devotees had done timely repairs of the temple.    


Idol facing toward East is self emerged & has a left side trunk. There are diamonds in the eyes of the idol.    


Two festivals, one in Bhadrapada from Pratipada to Saptami & another in Magh are celebrated in Theur on grand scale. In those days Ganesh idols in the nearby temples are worshipped & offered naivedya. This is called as Dwaryatra. On Sankashti & Angaraki people give food to poor. They have been provided with the utensils to prepare food.    

Lord Chintamani was a family God of Madhavarao Peshva. His palace was near the temple & now it is converted into garden. Madhavarao Peshva had stayed in this palace in his last sickness. He renovated the temple & performed various religious programs in the temple. By chanting Gajanan he passed away. Ramabai, wife of Madhavarao Peshva burnt herself with corpse of Madhavarao Peshva on bank of the Mula Mutha river. Sati’s vrindavan was built on that place. It was Kartik Vadya Ashtami. Rama Madhav death anniversary is celebrated here on Kartik Vadya Ashtami.    

How to reach Theur    

Theur is in Haveli district of Pune. The distance from Pune is about 25 km. Theur is situated on the confluence of Mula, Mutha & Bhima rivers. One can reach Theur by,    

1. Regular Pune Motor Transport buses are available from Poolgate bus stand of Pune. 2. On Pune-Sholapur highway after Loni, a road leads to Theur.